Lot 1553, Jalan Merak Ulu Kelang,
68000 Ulu Kelang Ampang,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.


Bentong Project

A Shelter By The People, For The People

Next Gurpuri Project In Bentong, Pahang Malaysia

Another major milestone for Gurpuri Foundation is the purchase of 17 acres of land in Bentong, Pahang at a cost of RM 1.2 million.

"The overwhelming generosity of well-wishers has seen us through this major hurdle. May God bless them."

The overwhelming generosity of well-wishers has seen us through this major hurdle.

May God bless them. Gurpuri Foundation plans to develop the land in stages once it obtains the necessary approvals from the relevant authorities and funds for the project.

A team of architects and engineers are already working to submit the plans by mid June 2010.

Gurpuri Foundation plans to build, in several phases:

  1. A Senior Citizens Home
  2. A Skills Training Centre for School Dropouts
  3. An Underprivileged Children's Home
  4. A Special Children's Home
  5. A Single Mother's Home & Training Centre
  6. A Darbar Sahib
  7. A Langgar Hall
  8. A Multipurpose Hall

We have already obtained the approval for the first phase from the authorities. The buildings that will be coming up in the first phase are:

  1. A three-storey building at the entrance
  2. 1 training centre for the school dropout
  3. Another training centre for the widows

The project manager and his team has estimated the cost of the first phase RM 11 million.

Construction on site is in progress.

"Give a little, and you will get a great deal back"
Completed Building
Work on Interior
Work on the Room

The photos above show recent construction activity at the Bentong site. The project is well underway with progress being made daily. To our knowledge, nothing of this scale has been undertaken anywhere outside India. Once completed, it will be a source of support to those in our community who are in need of assistance. Please do take the time to make a contribution to this noble effort. Online payment option is available on this page.

Our Programmes

Gurpuri Foundation presently provides for the needs of 60 children.
We humbly invite you to join in the development of these children.

School & Tuition

The school tuition programme complements the syllabus of the children who attend school daily. In the school tuition program, donors sponsor the tuition fee of the children, allowing each to receive a good education.Professional tutors are engaged to provide dedicated tutoring to the children. The tuition classes are held at Gurpuri under close supervision from resident supervisors.

Learning Kirtan & Tabla

Every child is encouraged to learn Kirtan, and also to play either the Harmonium or Tabla. The appreciation of Gurbani through Kirtan is greatly emphasised, and frequent opportunities are given for chidlren to do Kirtan at satsangs.

Medical Care

These programmes provides an adequate level of medical care for children by providing medical equipment, medicines, vitamins, and supplies.

Computer Training

Clicking a mouse, drawing a house to designing your own web page. This is what children learn during the computer appreciation courses. Through volunteers who are professionals in the IT industry, who spare some time to teach and give hands on experience to children and others.

Photo Gallery

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Vesakhi Dinner

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Tarika Mandal Sikh Museum Visit

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School Award Ceremonies

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Special prizes are awarded to exemplary students who have gained significant achievements in school. The main objective of such award ceremonies include motivating children to further improve in their studies...

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Gurpuri & You

How you can make a Difference?
What problems does Gurpuri face?

What problems does Gurpuri face?

Saturday, 09 April 2016

At present there are 60 children who have been accepted by Gurpuri. These children have started over a new leaf for a better life tomorrow. We are in need of financial and social assistance to make our this dream into a reality. Any assistance provided is truly appreciated. However at this point in time Gurpuri needs financial help. You can donate your contributions by sending us a cheque in favour of "Gurpuri Foundation" on a lump sum basis or on a month to month contribution. We also welcome donations of groceries or other essential equipment. We also appreciate if you could bring to us cases of needy children to be enrolled into Gurpuri.


How you can make a Difference?

Saturday, 09 April 2016

Your generosity and care can make a difference to ensure that these disadvantaged children are provided with the necessities of life in a good up-bringing. The time has come for the community to give these orphans, underprivileged and neglected children a better future. At Gurpuri, the children's wants and needs will be taken care of. They will have their basic day to day needs looked after from shelter to clothing, food and social skills. Over and above this their education would be given an upmost attention. Our aim is that when they leave Gurpuri they are equipped with all the necessary skills to be good citizens and exemplary members of the community. The idea is not only to give these children of ours the basic needs of up brining but to provide the best, one can to transform them into noble citizens.


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