Lot 1553, Jalan Merak Ulu Kelang,
68000 Ulu Kelang Ampang,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.


Next Gurpuri Project In Bentong, Pahang Malaysia

next project


Another major milestone for Gurpuri Foundation is the purchase of 17 acres of land in Bentong, Pahang at a cost of RM 1.2 million.

The overwhelming generosity of well-wishers has seen us through this major hurdle. May God bless them.

Gurpuri Foundation plans to develop the land in stages once it obtains the necessary approvals from the relevant authorities and funds for the project. A team of architects and engineers are already working to submit the plans by mid June 2010.

Gurpuri Foundation plans to build, in several phases:

  1. A Senior Citizens Home
  2. A Skills Training Centre for School Dropouts
  3. An Underprivileged Children's Home
  4. A Special Children's Home
  5. A Single Mother's Home and Training Centre
  6. A Darbar Sahib
  7. A Langgar Hall
  8. A Multipurpose Hall

We already obtained the approval for the first phase from the authorities. The buildings that will be coming up in the first phase are:

a. A three-storey building at the entrance
b. 1 training centre for the school dropout
c. Another training centre for the widows

The project manager and his team has estimated the cost of the first phase RM 11 million.

Construction on site is in progress.

For more information, please click Bentong Project.

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